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Mother’s Day Special: A Glimpse of What This Mother’s Day Means To Us

by Carolyn Lee May 8, 2019

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Mother's Day Special -Caribbean Moms

Our mothers are like eternal streams of love from which we draw daily for the rejuvenation of our soul. Most of us treat our mothers to gifts all year long. However, Mother’s Day allows us to put an even bigger spotlight on our appreciation for them. 

We caught up with mothers in Belize, St Kitts and Nevis, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica to find out what makes the day special for them. Enjoy! 


Name: Deslyn Williams-Johnson. 

Country: St Kitts and Nevis.  

What do you love most about being a mom?

Deslyn & kids - Mother's Day 2019

Deslyn and daughters, Ali and Zen. Photo credit: D. Williams-Johnson.

“Since childhood, I always knew I wanted children. When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, it was mind-blowing. I was in awe that my body could help create and nurture another life. I felt empowered. I had my first daughter, Alixandria in 2007. My second, Zenobia, was born in 2013. They are now 11 and five-yearsold respectively. We love going to the beach, watching movies and my personal favourite is washing their hair, combing it and doing a nice blowout. I also enjoy our “girl talks,” especially with my oldest, as she is in the curious stage. Those are the times I enjoy.

One of the most important lessons motherhood has taught me is that as women, we are built to endure. We are stronger than we often give ourselves credit for. As a mother, I’ve experienced highs and lows I never imagined. I often thought I wouldn’t make it through, but I have, and each challenge makes me stronger and wiser. I strive each day to be a role model for my daughters. My hope is that one day they will grow and develop into strong, assertive, confident, humble, God-fearing women.” 


Country: Bernard Rhaburn.  

Country: Belize.

Share one of your fondest memories of your mom. 

Bernard with his mother, Victoria. Photo credit: B. Rhaburn.

“One of the fondest memories I’ve had with my mother, Victoria is my high school graduation. I’ll never forget seeing the joy glistening in her beautiful brown eyes, as tears ran down her freckled cheeks. There was no better feeling than her warm embrace and hearing her say how much she was proud of me and my accomplishment. Honestly, I was just happy I was finished with high school, but she saw it as another step leading to a bright future.” 


Name: Allison McIntyre. 

Country: Trinidad and Tobago. 

What’s an important lesson that motherhood has taught you?

Allison McIntyre - Mother's Day 2019

Allison McIntyre and daughter, Anais. Photo credit: A. McIntyre

“When you conceive, there is a lot that happens that people don’t tell you about. Society expects a lot from you. To stay true to who I am, I try to filter out some of the expectations. The thing I love most about being a mom is my daughter. She is amazing and a constant source of joy! She has taught me to be more patient. Children often imitate what they see you do, so she’s also helped me to be more aware of my actions. It’s a work in progress, but we’ve got each other, and I adore her.” 


Name: Michelle A Cox. 

Country: Barbados.

Share an important lesson that your mother taught you that has helped you with your own children. 

Michelle Cox & Family_CL - Mothers Day 2019

Michelle Cox and family. Photo credit: M. Cox.

“An important lesson I learned from my mother is to always listen to what the children have to say. Also, listen to their silence. Know when that silence is a warning sign, a pensive moment, a chance for discussion, deep concentration, or just wanting to be quiet for that moment. I have two boys ages nine and six. With two boys – silences in our home are almost always warning signs!

This Mother’s Day, I’m looking forward to the handmade cards from my sons. I get them every year, but they never cease to make me smile!” 


Name: Jovian Davis.

Country: Jamaica.

Share an important lesson that you learnt from your child. 

J. Davis ad son - Mother's Day 2019

Jovian Davis and son, Daniel. Photo credit: J. Davis.

“My son Daniel has taught me to dig deeper each time. He’s helped me to mature a lot faster. I had him when I was 18. He’s nine now. He’s autistic but very aware and smart. I pay a lot of attention to his needs to ensure that he is comfortable and understands how much I love him. I’m a single parent, and there are many challenges that arise from his care, education and basic needs. I get a little frustrated sometimes. When he senses it, he comes and hugs me and asks me if I’m OK. This lets me know that despite his autism, he is in tune with me. Our favourite activity together is to go to the beach or river. He loves the water. I like that he makes cards for me at school for special days, but truly, the best gift for me is when he is happy.” 


As we celebrate the moms in our lives, the words of the great Dr Maya Angelou remind us of the strength of mothers:  “To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power.” 

Thank you to all mothers, your love is the greatest gift of all!