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New Year Older You: It’s The Perfect Time to Travel

by Lou-Ann Jordan May 6, 2024

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There’s a bit of wisdom that seems to dawn on many as they grow older. What is it? Well, it’s that experiences are more important than ‘stuff’. If you’re not there yet, that’s okay. But it’s true. We seem to lose our zeal over acquiring ‘stuff’ and instead find greater joy in moments spent with family and friends. Things like a trip with your boys or girlfriends where you kicked back and let it all hang out. A vacation spent with the family or an adventurous vacation abroad in a new country on your own are the experiences you begin to hold dear.

Therefore, we want to help you create more lasting memories in this New Year Older You instalment. A fun activity that tops any ‘unforgettable experiences’ list is travelling. What’s more memorable than going off on an escapade with a group of friends or on your own to a different country?

In our previous issues, we’ve suggested new hobbies, listed foods you can reduce and shared tips for planning for retirement. It seems an excellent time to tackle this topic. You are now in the prime of life; presumably, you’re in a stable job, and a fair portion of your income is disposable. So, let’s discuss your options for travelling.

Enjoy a Caribbean Escapade

Plan a great Caribbean Escapade. There are a great deal of places to visit in the Caribbean. If you’re based in what’s referred to as the English-speaking Caribbean, we generally restrict ourselves to this part of the region. While that’s understandable, as the islands in these parts have much to offer, you’re robbing yourself of something remarkable—foreign language travel. Don’t you know Europe is basically in your backyard?

However, you can do so if you’ve never been to any of the OECS or other Anglophone countries. Check out our article on How to Plan the Perfect OECS Getaway for tips on visiting those islands. Now, for those who are seeking an exciting opportunity to visit a country with a foreign language, several lay before you. There are Dutch and French-speaking islands from which to choose. Those islands include St. Martin, Guadeloupe, Sint Maarten, Martinique, and St. Barthélemy.

Admittedly, the lack of direct flights makes travel to these areas somewhat taxing. Still, in there lies an opportunity to visit more than one country. Let’s take Guadeloupe, for example. Flights bound for Guadeloupe can be boarded in Miami or New York. Another option is to fly to St. Lucia or Dominica and, from either country, hop over on the ferry. A helpful site that shows the different options for passage is Rome2Rio.

Try Blitzing Through Europe

We mentioned above that the Caribbean is a bit like Europe, with access to several other countries speaking different languages, and that’s true. However, you may want to do the real deal, so why not go for a blitz about Europe? You can consider the United Kingdom or the Schengen Area, which comprises 27 nations. This means you can journey north to Norway or south to France and Italy. Much like travelling in the Caribbean, ticket prices dip during the off-peak season, and they’re even more affordable if purchased months in advance. Of course, you’ll need to consider visas or other travel requirements. If you’re unsure if you’re required to have a Schengen visa, then visit Schengen Visa for more information.

Go on an African exploration!

In recent times, there’s been significant talk about travel to certain parts of the African continent. Although it once seemed too distant to travel to, an increased number of people are. If you’ve wanted to but ruled it out as too expensive, don’t. You might be surprised to know that passage to some countries is quite affordable. All it will require is diligent research and applying a few travel hacks. For instance, once you’ve decided where to go, you can use Google Flights or credit card miles to help with airline costs. You can also use Expedia to book your flights as their rates are generally cheaper, and as a bonus, you can earn miles. Here’s another idea: plan the trip with friends, which will help with accommodation costs. You’re also likely to enjoy the experience more. So, what are a few places to consider? How about South Africa, Kenya, Madagascar, or the beautiful island of Zanzibar in Tanzania?

Throw off your cares this year and head off on an adventure with your BFFs. After all, it’s a new year and an older you, so make memories that will last.