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Power Your Monday with a Classic Pantsuit

by Lou-Ann Jordan Jul 22, 2019

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It’s Power Your Monday, and we are here to help you stride into your Monday dignified, resolute and powerful.

Although fashion changes rapidly, a power suit, is still one type of business attire that always communicates authority.  So, if you don’t already own one, it’s a must-have to add to your wardrobe.

When selecting a power suit, you have the option of pants or a skirt. However, for formal business attire, a conservative and flattering pantsuit is generally the best choice.  Pantsuits are less restrictive than skirts; you’ll worry less when having to bend or sit.  Also, when choosing a suit, avoid too-tight pants.

And, with the guidance of acclaimed image consultant, Nicole Thomas, we’ve selected three types of pantsuits that are perfect for the workplace. 

Image by Anastasia Nicole Power suit picks

Whether you’re attending a meeting, workshop, or a more formal work function, go for a structured, conservative look that will arrest attention.  Choose from among any of these three:

While having colourful pieces in your wardrobe is a must, it’s equally important to have some muted shades as well.  When selecting a pantsuit go for conservative colours or patterns. A tailored pantsuit with a crisp collared shirt gives you an air of stately chicness.  However, if hues are a ‘must’, add a spot of colour with your shoes.

To add a bit more flair to this classic style, pair tailored pants with a cinched-waist jacket.  The jacket will accentuate your waist.  Though this is perfectly suited for those with an hour-glass figure, it can be equally flattering for other body types. Wearing a tailored jacket with a cinched waist gives the illusion of a narrow waist and a perfect hourglass silhouette.

The cropped pantsuit is a trendy modification to a traditional fashion piece.  Maintain the tailored suit, only switch out regular length pants for capris.  The great thing about this style is its dynamism. You can opt for a slim fit suit or boxy jacket and pants, whichever best suits your body type.  The idea is to emphasise your strong points.

It’s okay.  Go ahead and get excited—Monday mornings have never looked this good! 

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Stayed tuned for our next Power Your Monday where we mix it and match it. 

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