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That Loving Feeling: Try These 15 Tips to Keep Romance Alive!

by Carolyn Lee Jun 1, 2019

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Yello Romance Tips

Photo credit: Justin Follis and Unsplash.

Songs have told stories about love throughout the ages. From newfound love to heartbreak; romance to marriage, the topics have been many. A popular theme has been about love fading. 

A few songs that touch on this theme are: “You’ve lost that loving feeling” by the Righteous Brothers (1965), Third World’s cover version of “Now that we’ve found love” (1978), and more recently Drake’s “In my feelings” (2018). 

The truth is that couples who have known each other for a while need a bit of spice to keep the fire going.  

In keeping with the theme of romance, we’ve selected 15 quick tips that you can try to fire things up! 


Handwritten notes and letters 

You don’t have to be the best writer to put a smile on your lover’s face. Be honest about how you feel and what you want. Keep it short. 


Show interest

Show genuine interest in the things that matter to your partner. This can be about work, family, friends, hobbies or goals.  



Dance for or with your partner. Put on music you both enjoy and get lost in the music! 


Compliments are always great

Tell your partner how proud you are of their achievements in private as well as around loved ones. Celebrate each other’s successes. 


Talk to each other

Yello Romance Tips

Photo credit: Alex Holyoake and Unsplash.

Filter out the distractions and make time to talk to each other. Talk about your goals, silly things, business ideas or favourite shows. Listen to each other and make suggestions that show that you are paying attention. 


Go out on dates

Plan dates and go on them! It doesn’t have to be a grand affair. What matters is that you are sharing with each other. 


Be affectionate with each other 

Greet each other with actions of affection. Kiss and hug each other in the mornings and evenings. Hold hands. Smile at each other.  


Tokens of love

It doesn’t need to be a birthday, Valentine’s Day or any other special day to give a small token. The thought and effort matter. 



Call your partner to say thanks and express gratitude. It can be about something that was done well or that meant a lot to you. Be specific. This is about sharing appreciation. 


Do something unusual but fun

Yello Romance Tips

Photo credit: Vincenzo Landino and Unpslash.

Does your partner enjoy sailing, wine tasting, horseback riding or helicopter rides? Booking one of these things could be a sweet, unexpected but welcomed surprise. 



There are so many ways to make things fresh in a relationship. Experiment with food, intimacy and other activities that your partner may be open to. The key is not to take yourself too seriously and to have fun! 


Bath time 

Bathing together or alone can be relaxing. Create ambience with scented candles and music. A long bath can lift the spirit in so many ways. 


Feed each other

Remember all the fun you had during the early stages of dating. There were times when you either fed each other or ate off the same plate. That doesn’t need to change. 


Leave work at work

Don’t fall into the habit of taking work problems home with you. Asking for advice about an issue is expected. Complaining every other day about workrelated issues can be draining. 


Express your love

Write down what you love about each other and share it. Use kind words. Express yourself from a place of love during disagreements. Speak on the problem, habit or issue that bothers you. Don’t allow problems to fester. Be patient. Apologise when you are wrong; just don’t be wrong all the time. Talk about what you love more than what’s wrong. Embrace change. Forgive yourself and each other. Focus on what makes you happy. Remember the time you fell in love and how wonderful it was. 

Yello Romance tips

Photo credit: Debby Hudson and Unsplash.

There are so many ways to show your partner love and appreciation. Some of the ideas may be tips that you have tried before. We hope they’ve served as good reminders. You know your partner well. Find creative ways to use the things that you both enjoy, to keep the romance alive! 


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