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The Merry-making Has Begun – It’s Parang Festival 2022

by Lou-Ann Jordan Nov 21, 2022

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Parang! Parang! The merry-making has begun.

Since Parang Festival 2022 launched on 25 October 2022, parang enthusiasts have been entertained by a series of events. The annual festivities usually take place in Paramin, Arima, St. Ann’s, Santa Cruz, St. Joseph, Caura, Mausica, Lopinot, San Raphael, and Rio Claro. Typically, parang lovers flock to these locations to get in on the sound of a melodic cuatro and energetic maracas.

This year, the National Pan Association of Trinidad and Tobago’s schedule has events popping up in the eastern and southwestern parts of the island. The launch occurred in Arima with the traditional holy mass and procession to the first peoples’ community centre. It was followed by Parranda Para Siempre!, first in Buenos Ayres and then in Lopinot. The following month, on the 19th, our youth got into the swing of things at Paranda es La Vida! The Junior Parang Festival in Port of Spain.

Yet, the celebrations have not stopped, as there are several other activities lined up. The schedule of events will take us through the Christmas holidays and into the new year. Whether you’re visiting for the holidays or looking to indulge in the Trinidad parang season this Christmas, there’s much you can enjoy.

Here are the events that will take place over the remaining weeks of November and into January 2023.

Divas Parang – 25 November

Venue: Central Bank Auditorium, Port of Spain.

Time: 7pm.

Parranda Para Siempre! Port of Spain – 26 November

Venue: BP Renegades Pan Theatre, Port of Spain.

Time: 8pm.

Parranda Para Siempre! Grand Fínale – 10 December

Venue: Arima Velodrome.

Time: 8pm.

El Aroma De Parang! – 17 December

Venue: Streets of Arima.

Time: 10am.

Holy Mass and Les Rois (Parang Season Finale) – 1 January 2023

Venue: St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church, Point Fortin.

Times: 10am and 6pm.

For more information on the Annual Parang Festival 2022, you can contact them on Facebook or at 1-868-477-8891 and 1-868-743-3977. You can also send them a WhatsApp message at 1-868-737-5698.