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Ways to Cleanse your Home

by Kaylyn Bodden Aug 14, 2017

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Negative energy is sticky. You may not realise it, but over time negative energy can accumulate in your bedroom, home, vehicle, office, or even attach itself to your clothes or furniture. Every so often, it is a good idea to cleanse your home to remove the negative energy that may have found its way into your space. Whether you are religious or not, this practice can benefit your overall health and happiness.

When is a good time to cleanse your space? After a move, after an argument, after a divorce or break-up, after an illness or death, after purchasing old or antique items, or anytime you desire fresh energy for a new beginning.

Prayer – this one may seem like a go-to, but it is a strong, powerful way to purge unwanted energy in your home. Walk around your home and repeat a short yet strong prayer aloud, commanding energies to leave your home. For the most effective prayer, speak the Lord’s name to summon His energy into your home.

Smudging – this practice has been performed in ceremony for many years by Native Americans, ancient Romans and Grecians. First, you must create a strong intention in your mind to clear the space in order to bring in vibrant, healthy energy. You must then burn herbs to cleanse; sage is commonly used in smudging but other herbs can be used too. Wave the smoking stick from every corner, cabinet and close in your home. Make sure a window is open in each room to rid the space of the negative energy.

Clean – cleaning is an old-fashioned way of physically freeing your home of unwanted substances. Wipe down doorknobs regularly, as it’s believed energy comes in and out the same way as we do. Use a solution consisting of water, lemon juice, salt and white vinegar to keep door knobs clean and fresh.

Decorate your space with crystals – many people believe crystals promote certain energies to be transmitted into your home, and you! Decorating your space with crystals such as rose quarts, amethysts and black tourmaline are said to help replace negative feelings with positive ones and ward off negativity.

Feng Shui – although this can be rather complex, sometimes just opening your home up, letting in some light and moving furniture around can bring a positive effect on your mood. Changing your home to make rooms feel more spacious will relieve you of any cluttered or trapped feelings.

Whichever method you choose, make sure to keep a positive mind and clear intention to keep your household or office space harmonious.