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Birthstone of the Month: Stunning Sapphire

by Lisa Beauchamp Sep 2, 2019

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A birthstone is associated with each month of the year. Various myths and legends refer to the birthstones’ healing powers and therapeutic effects. However in modern times, it makes the selection of jewellery much simpler when personalizing a gift.

For those born in September, they the gemstone that symbolizes wisdom, trust and nobility – sapphire.

General assumption is that sapphires are blue in colour, on the contrary, sapphires are found in blue and all the colours of the rainbow except for the colour red, which would be considered a ruby gemstone.

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Both sapphires and rubies share the same chemical composition and mineral structure, which are in fact impurities of the mineral corundum. Very simply, these impurities can either be or blue (sapphire) or red (ruby).

Sapphire derives its name from the Latin “sapphirus” and Greek “sappheiros” both meaning “blue stone”.

Second only to diamonds, sapphires are incredibly hard and durable, so they are perfect gemstone to be set in rings, bracelets and necklaces. They are als0 used in industrial applications including windows/screens, electronics and watches.

Sapphires are available to the consumer cut as cushions, rounds, ovals, and most recently gaining popularity as emerald cuts, pears and fancy hearts.


When assessing a sapphire, not only are the 4 C’s of cut, clarity, colour and carat weight taken into consideration; size and geographic location are important factors too.

Sapphires are mined across the world in Africa, Australia, India, Central and South East Asia, Sri Lanka, China, Brazil and in Montana, USA.

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