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Five Helpful Back to School Tips for Parents

by Maia Muttoo Aug 26, 2019

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A new school year is on the horizon.

As we approach September, here are five helpful tips for parents whose kids are heading back to school.

Help Them Focus on the Positives

If your kids are having a hard time letting go of summer, remind them that going back to school is a good thing!

They’ll get to reunite with their friends, meet new people, and of course, learn about new and exciting topics. While school can be hard work, it also offers kids fun social and learning opportunities.

Talk to your children about the good things that happened during the last school year. Did they participate in any fun extra-curricular activities? Did they achieve anything, or make any special memories with friends? Even the little things count. Highlight those moments and remind them that this year could have great things in store too!

Focusing on the positives helps the transition from vacation to school feel like less of a bummer.

Make Ground Rules

Vacation is all about sleeping late, relaxing and forgetting responsibilities. But that won’t fly during the school year!

Help them get out of that lazy summer mode by setting some ground rules. Establishing a morning routine that includes wakeup time, getting ready and a healthy breakfast can be helpful to get yourself and your children back on track.

Work with them to schedule an appropriate time after school to complete homework. If your kids are entertainment enthusiasts, consider scheduling television or phone time, so they’re able to complete chores or school tasks before bedtime.

Remember, every family is different. There’s no one formula for scheduling, and your ground rules and may not be the same as other families’. Talk to your kids and work out a practical plan that suits all of you.

Prepare Nutritious Breakfasts

Breakfast is the key to a productive day.

Help your children get the best start to their school day by preparing a healthy breakfast. Here are three quick options you can whip up, even if you’re struggling to get everyone out of the house on time.

Get Supplies Early

Uniforms, pencils, pens, erasers, markers, bags and notebooks. There’s a long list of school supplies to purchase!

Try to get started on your supply shopping early to avoid the last-minute rush. Be sure to check your existing supply stock before wasting money buying a whole new set.

Double-check your list with your child and with other parents to ensure you have everything required and anything extra your child might need.

Have Open Conversation and Be Compassionate

It takes time to readjust. If you or your kids are struggling to get back into school mode, be compassionate.

  • Start transitioning into your school routine early, even before the semester begins, to give your family enough time for the schedule to stick.
  • Talk openly with your kids before and after the first day of school. Allow them to share their concerns or anxieties and listen to what they have to say.
  • Be compassionate with yourself. As a parent, there’s a lot you’ll need to prepare as kids head back to school. Take it one step at a time.

Back to school is an exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking time of year. These five tips should help you and your children ease back into the school year.

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