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How to Convert Online Traffic to Foot Traffic

by Yello Dec 11, 2019

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Even if you think your business is doing well with in-store visits, it can always do better. Foot traffic is one of the most important measurements for brick and mortar businesses. Because more in-store visits mean increased chances for sales and customer engagement.

But in the digital world, where it seems more and more customers are limiting their shopping needs to online search, how can that be leveraged to increase foot traffic to your store?

In other words, how can you convert online visitors into real life store visitors?  Here are a few suggestions.

List Your Business on FindYello.Com

Online directories like FindYello.com are a very effective method of reaching your target audience. They are a particularly great tool for location-based product and service searches.

Research shows that most mobile searches classify as “Near Me” searches. In other words, they are the searches done for those micro-moments, when an individual has an immediate need within proximity.

An online directory listing helps your business show up on a search engine results page in those moments, complete with key details about your business, such as opening hours, telephone number, proximity, etc. All of this increases the likelihood of a customer visiting your store in that moment.

Leverage Digital Tools and Social Media

A very simple, yet effective way to get online visitors into your physical store is by having an in-store promotion that you promote online. Here are a few simple suggestions:

  • Own a retail-clothing store? Have a special pre-Christmas sale on cocktail dresses that can only be purchased in store. Promote the discount on your social media pages and your website.
  • Have an online promotion where visitors to your website or social media can claim a promo code, but can only redeem the savings from the code in-store.
  • Run an email marketing campaign that includes sending personalized digital gift guides to customers with special discounted items that can only be purchased in-store.

Other ways to leverage social media and digital tools to drive online visitors to your store include using the data retrieved from your customers via their online activities, to create special and personalized in-store experiences.

Host an Event

Customers like to feel special. And the Christmas season, which often puts many in a particularly festive mood, is the perfect time to make your customers feel special.

Host a special cocktail hour for some of your most loyal customers. And if you’re concerned about offending any customer who may feel upset about being left out, run a social media promotion where the first 100 customers to like or share or re-tweet, get invited to a special in-store experience.

You can live stream the event on your social media, ensuring greater engagement and interest, the next time you hold a similar event.

Also consider partnering with like-minded brands and individuals and co-host an event with your targeted demographic. For example if you have a restaurant, partner with a culinary school or well-known local chef to host a small cooking holiday themed cooking event.

This kind of cross-pollination provides the opportunity to draw in more traffic by giving your customers a unique offering and has the potential to grow your customer base.

Click and Collect

According to the Wall Street Journal, research shows that customers would prefer to pick up an item at a store, rather than have it sent to their home. Which is perfect for drawing online visitors to your physical store. And once inside the store, research also shows that they are more than likely to purchase an additional item that catches their eye.

Invest in CRM

As noted above, creating a personalized in-store experience for your customers is a very effective way to get them from online searches into your physical store. One of most effective ways to know and understand your customer well enough to create a personalized in-store experience is with a strong customer relationship management tool (CRM).

CRM tools allow stores to communicate with existing customers effectively, with functionalities that allow businesses to track and connect with loyal shoppers. CRM also indicates the best customers, their top purchases and how they have interacted with the brand. Thus, allowing you to reach your customers in a relevant way.

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