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Auto Parts in Kingston, Jamaica

Auto Parts in Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston is Jamaica's capital city and is known for its many industries, entertainment, and culture. It's also where you'll see vehicles of all models, sizes, and price points. Everyone who owns a vehicle knows that its upkeep is crucial, as parts will deteriorate over time. From finding the right auto parts to servicing, you can find auto dealers and auto stores throughout the corporate area that have what you need.

If you're looking for auto parts dealers in Kingston and across the island, you've come to the right place.

Our Find Yello auto parts section is packed with businesses you can access for the auto products and related services you want. You can use Find Yello to filter your results based on business type, brands, services, and parts. Then, check the auto part dealers' websites to compare products, services, and prices.


Need To Find Auto Parts and Car Accessories in Kingston?

When it comes to finding auto parts in Kingston, you can find parts for European, Japanese, and American made vehicles with ease. Some popular brands include Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, BMW, VW, Suzuki, Subaru, and Mazda.

Some auto parts dealers also offer car sales services. Most dealers sell new and used parts along with a range of car accessories and related services like installation, repairs, and servicing.

Auto dealerships are scattered across the corporate area in Kingston and Montego Bay. Popular places for auto dealerships and stores in Kingston include Hagley Park Road, Molynes Road, Waltham Park, Half-Way Tree, Eastwood Park Road and Old Hope Road. 

To find the right part, it helps to check the auto dealer's website before calling, if possible. What's great about checking the websites is that most auto parts dealers share their inventory list online, giving you a clear idea of the cost, available services, and other products, you may need.

After doing your online checks, call to ask if the product you want is in stock, as some websites may not update their inventory lists regularly.


What Are the Most Popular Auto Parts Servicing Outlets in Kingston?

Most auto parts dealers carry a variety of in demand automotive parts based on the brand vehicles that are most popular on the roadways. So, finding new or used parts for popular brands like Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, BMW, or Volkswagen should be easy.

Some auto dealers have an auto parts division that mainly carries accessories and genuine auto parts specific to the brand vehicles they sell. If you're having difficulty finding the auto part you need, the dealer may offer to source it (special order) for you. If they can get it, ask about the timeframe and associated costs.


Used Auto Parts Stores in Kingston, Jamaica 

Vehicle upkeep can be expensive at times, making purchasing used auto parts, in some instances, cost-effective. Using the wrong parts in your vehicle could result in additional expenses later. As such, most car dealers recommend that you opt for genuine auto parts, even if they are used.

Used parts can help you save money since the part may be less expensive, plus it's produced by the original vehicle manufacturer and may be even better than what is offered via aftermarket parts.  Used parts stores are located on Hagley Park Road, Molynes Road, Mannings Hill Road, Dunrobin Avenue and Kingswood Avenue. You can check for used parts at auto stores in Montego Bay, Westmoreland, Morant Bay, and St Mary. Find more used auto parts dealer locations on Find Yello!


Japanese Auto Parts

Japanese made vehicles are quite popular on the road. From Honda to Suzuki, Subaru to Nissan vehicles, you can find Japan made new or used auto parts in the auto parts division at many dealerships. Japanese auto parts are also readily available at established auto parts stores and some mechanic shops.


European Auto Parts

When it comes to European automobile brands, you can find them in abundance on the roads. There are established auto dealers for BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, and Volkswagen. Many of these dealers have an auto parts division that usually carries genuine auto parts and accessories for the brands they sell. Some may offer new parts and accessories for other popular vehicle brands. Another common feature of these dealerships is a body shop, where servicing, repairs and installations can be done.


Toyota Auto Parts

Toyota vehicles are among some of the most popular vehicles on the road. You can access Toyota auto parts with ease at dealerships and auto stores throughout Kingston, Montego Bay, St. Ann, and many other parishes. Find Yello has several established businesses that you can check for genuine, new, or used Toyota auto parts. You can use the "Reviews" button to know what to expect from these businesses before visiting their website or calling.


BMW Auto Parts in Kingston

If you own a BMW, you don't have to worry about not finding genuine auto parts. Kingston and Montego Bay are home to the exclusive dealer for BMW and several auto parts dealers that sell new and used parts. Areas in Kingston with auto parts dealers of BMW parts include Oxford Road, Hagley Park, Lady Musgrave Road, Molynes Road, and Waltham Park Road. BMW auto parts dealers are also located in Portmore, Spanish Town and other parishes.


VW Auto Parts in Kingston

Volkswagen is on the list of sought-after vehicles that you will see throughout the island. There is a VW dealership on Oxford Road, with auto stores that sell genuine, new, and used parts on Hagley Park Road, Retirement Road, Red Hills Road, Beechwood Avenue, Lyndhurst Road and Old Hope Road. There is also a VW dealer in Montego Bay and an auto parts store in St. Mary. Find tires, batteries, radiators, adapters and more for your VW with a quick search on Find Yello!


Mitsubishi Auto Parts in Kingston

Mitsubishi is another sought-after brand that is commonly seen plying the roadway. With a Mitsubishi dealership located in the corporate area, owners of this brand vehicle can check their parts division and a host of other Mitsubishi auto parts dealers in Kingston, Montego Bay, and St Ann.


Honda Auto Parts in Kingston, Jamaica

There is an ongoing debate about Honda being one of the most popular vehicle brands in Jamaica since they are seen everywhere. What's great is that their popularity means that auto parts are relatively easy to find. Kingston and Montego Bay have Honda dealerships and many auto parts stores stocked with parts and accessories for this vehicle brand. Honda auto parts stores are also located in St Ann, St Elizabeth, Westmoreland, and Spanish Town.


Mazda Auto Parts

Kingston's claim to fame as a place of great industry is supported by the many vehicle dealerships that call it home. Some automobile dealers also have stores, including their auto parts division, in Montego Bay. The Mazda dealership offers genuine Mazda parts in their auto parts division, and several other auto parts stores throughout the island also carry new and used Mazda parts. To find auto parts stores that carry Mazda parts near you, check our Find Yello listings.


Subaru Auto Parts in Kingston

Subaru is mainly known for its all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles, among other impressive features. While this brand is not as common as others, Subaru dealers in Kingston can provide the necessary auto parts you may need. At the dealership, you can source genuine parts, make special orders, and get tips or help with installation. You can find genuine, new, and used Subaru parts and accessories at auto part stores in Downtown Kingston, Washington Boulevard, Hagley Park Road, and other places within the corporate area. Auto parts stores are also located in Portmore, Spanish Town, and Montego Bay. For a list of Subaru auto parts dealers, let your fingers do the walking!


Nissan Auto Parts in Jamaica

From passenger cars to SUVs/Crossover, pick-ups to commercial vehicles, Nissan vehicles are also quite popular. Finding auto parts for your Nissan vehicle is easy if you know where to look. The Nissan dealer will help with sourcing genuine Nissan auto parts. Auto parts dealers in Kingston, Montego Bay, St. Ann (Runaway Bay), St Elizabeth (Santa Cruz), Westmoreland and Portland can provide you with new or used parts as well.


What Else Should You Know About Purchasing Auto Parts in Kingston?

The auto parts industry is fully loaded with the parts and expertise you need to keep your vehicle in great condition. While some motor vehicle owners prefer to shop with established automobile and auto parts dealers, there are a few who may obtain parts from back door auto parts dealers.

Back door dealing in auto parts is lucrative. However, many of the parts are taken from stolen vehicles. These parts are then commonly sold to some unlicensed auto dealers or can be accessed at chop shops or junkyards. Some mechanics and repair outlets may also sell auto parts that were obtained from unscrupulous sources. It is highly recommended that you purchase your auto parts from recognised dealers.

To find established auto parts stores, outlets, or mechanics near you, search our Find Yello auto parts listings.

Most auto dealers and auto stores accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) and debit cards, and cash. Shopping around can help you compare prices and manage how much you spend. Call before visiting, as some products, although listed online, may not be available in store.


There are many auto parts dealers throughout the various parishes, but most vehicle brands have their stores and auto parts division in Kingston. With our Find Yello listings, your search will be a lot easier. Simply type in the auto dealer's name, view their profile and click 'reviews' for an idea of what to expect.

If you've visited an auto part dealer and would like to share your feedback, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the star rating you'd like to give. This will take you to a sign-in page where you can be on your way to becoming a Yello subscriber with the power to rate and review auto parts dealers. Your review is valuable and can lead to gaining points and other incentives!



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