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Rentokil Initial (Trinidad) Limited


Rentokil Initial (Trinidad) Limited

Rentokil Initial (Trinidad) Limited
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Rentokil Initial (Trinidad) Limited
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Field 82 KK-LL,
Aranguez S


Fax : 868-645-8938
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"Rentokil Pest Control is part of Rentokil Initial - one of the world's largest providers of business services. Formed over 80 years ago in the UK and more than 43 years ago here in Trinidad, the company has grown to become Trinidad's longest-established, best known and most trusted pest control service provider. As the world's leading provider of pest control, timber care and damp proofing, our technicians have the expertise to protect homes and businesses from rot, damp, termite and pest problems. With pest control and property care technicians across the globe, we are always local to you and ready to respond to your needs.

We are probably best known for the pest control services we offer, and the washroom supplies we provide. But there's a lot more to Rentokil Initial than that. Our services in Trinidad and Tobago include washroom solutions, pest control, hygiene services and sharps disposals. Business needs are constantly evolving and changing. By employing the latest technol""ogy, new ways of working and new service processes we give our customers competitive advantage. That's why we are committed to research, development and appropriate investment in the latest technology. New technology can help reduce use of consumables and energy - like our new Solar Air Freshener for instance
run by an internal microchip to reduce cost and improving environmental performance. Initial service contracts can help you meet or exceed Health and Safety requirements. We stay up to date with environmental and workplace regulations to help you meet your statutory requirements. Clean washrooms are a direct reflection of your company's business ethos. They help maintain and improve staff morale - your people feel well cared for. They also give a good impression to customers and visitors. Working with Initial Washroom Solutions your organisation can pick up the health and safety good practice that is second nature to us."

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  • Scores on the Doors
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  • Rodent Control
  • Insect Control
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  • Baby Changing Facilities
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