Stephanie Koathes

The Ultimate Jamaican Bucket List

Yello polled several people from different parishes and from their answers we’ve put together the ultimate Jamaican bucket list. Here are 30 things to see and do here in Jamaica at least once in your life.

1. Visit the Blue Lagoon in Portland

2. Hike up to Blue Mountain Peak. It’s even better if you time your hike so that you can see the breathtaking sunrise from the peak.

3. Explore the unique Cockpit Country. You can do a guided tour with this agency.

4. Do a safari tour on the Black River.

5. Check out the famous Pelican Bar off the coast of Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth.

6. Make your way to Maroon Town and see if you can get a chance to blow the abeng.

7. Trek to Nanny Falls in Moore Town.

8. Visit the Blue Hole Mineral Springs in the hills overlooking Negril in Westmoreland.

9. Go to the seven-mile beach in Negril.

10. Take a tour of Rose Hall Great House.

11. Cool off in the waters of YS Falls.

12. Hike to Kwame Falls tucked away in the dense St Mary foliage.

13. Enjoy some coffee in the mountains at Café Blue in Irish Town.

14. Explore Holywell National Park; maybe even overnight in one of their log cabins.

15. Have a lavish weekend getaway at Trident Castle.

16. Spend a night at Great Huts in Portland, an eclectic eco-tourism hotel comprised of rustic villas and treehouses.

17. See the glowing water at Glistening Waters.

18. Eat at Jack Sprat in St Elizabeth.

19. Visit Lover’s Leap.

20. Enjoy the seafood at Little Ochie in Alligator Pond.

21. Drive from St Andrew to Portland through the Blue Mountains.

22. See the Spanish Bridge in St Mary.

23. Have a meal up at EITS Café or Strawberry Hill.

24. Get wet at White River in Ocho Rios.

25. See the sunset from the cliffs of the West End.

26. Spend a day at Frenchman’s Cove or the quieter San San Beach next door.

27. Head down to Trench Town’s Culture Yard.

28. Take a drive through Holland Bamboo. Replanting efforts are taking place to restore the lushness of the bamboo canopy.

29. Go ziplining in Ocho Rios and take in the view. 

30. Explore Green Grotto Caves in St Ann

Many of us don’t know the island as well as we could, and we tend to look abroad for our tourist experiences. Hopefully, this list will encourage you to get out and explore Jamaica.