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Use These Seven Tips to Create a Practical Checklist of Summer Activities for Kids

by Carolyn Lee Jun 5, 2023

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Use These Seven Tips to Create a Practical Checklist of Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is not just for relaxing; it’s time to learn new things and create fun memories. There are generally lots of events happening, so it can become confusing what to choose. We know many of you are already wondering how to make the summer smoother for your children. So, we’ve compiled a few tips that you can use to select appropriate activities for a summer of fun, excitement, and incredible experiences!

Get cultural.

There are several museums, heritage sites, and galleries where kids can learn about history, discover new ideas, and add to their skills. You can also allow them to try a traditional dance, music, or painting class. Cultural activities teach children about history while allowing them to have fun. They might also learn something they can use in the upcoming school term.

Include a bit of nostalgia when planning.

Children enjoy familiar places. Think about some of the activities you did in past summers and how those events helped create beautiful memories. Then, make a shortlist of some of those places and activities. It’s great if you can recreate the moment. However, you can enjoy the space with new people and try something new.

Ignite their love for travel.

Travelling teaches children responsibility, provides exposure (places, people, traditions, etc.), and helps them adapt to change. So, it might be worthwhile to try a family vacation abroad or a staycation in another part of the country they have not visited before. Most all-inclusive hotels have activities for children, which allows parents time to do things they enjoy. You can plan a one-day or overnight excursion to visit different attractions without feeling rushed.

Make food a learning experience.

Use These Seven Tips to Create a Practical Checklist of Summer Activities for Kids

Schedule a weekend cooking or baking class with your kids. You can include them in the planning by asking what recipes they want to try and letting them help shop for the items. Try adding an element of excitement with a prize for the best-made dish. This activity is excellent for bonding and spending time with your kids. It also teaches them responsibility and equips them with necessary life skills.

If you could improve at cooking, ask a friend or relative who cooks well to assist with this activity. Another option is to look at cooking or baking classes online or near you that you can attend together.

Remember to relax.

Summer is a relaxation time; parents and children should take advantage of it. Adults typically plan how to optimise their vacation to include relaxing. Massages, pedicures, facials, and other forms of pampering are typical adult relaxation activities. You can be intentional and talk to your kids about relaxing. Also, allow them to choose how they want to relax. Talking to them about how important relaxation is will help them recognise when to take a break.

There is always time for outdoor fun.

Some children love the outdoors, while others prefer to stay indoors and online. Encourage your kids to have some outdoor summer fun. You can plan activities in your backyard, beach, or river days. Get them to participate in ring games, skipping, and other outdoor fun. You can also schedule a game or karaoke night weekly or bi-weekly to bond as a family. Ensure the space is properly cleaned after the game, so you can use the day after to relax without thinking about house chores.

Summer school is still a good option.

Summer classes are almost a summer tradition. Children at summer school can develop language skills, increase confidence, and improve social skills. Most summer schools offer academic support and extra-curricular activities that allow children to have fun while learning. Classes also prepare some students for challenging subjects they may need help with for the new school term. Consider budgeting for a few weeks of classes to keep your children motivated and sharpen their academic skills.

This summer can be memorable and educational for everyone, but it takes some planning. Make your plans early, budget for expenses, and include your children in some decisions to encourage responsibility and accountability.

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