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Meet Miss Universe Barbados 2019 Delegate: Beviny Payne

by Karen Rollins Sep 6, 2019

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Over 80 contestants from around the world will compete in the upcoming 68th edition of the Miss Universe pageant, and attempt to win one of the most coveted international pageant titles.

Barbados’ search for its 2019 Miss Universe representative will come to an end on 7 September with a glamourous coronation ceremony at Hilton Barbados.

The delegates vying for the crown are; Alexandra, Hillary, Jillisa, Saffiyah, Beviny, Shanel, Kristen, Jeunessa, and Shaunice.

Yello has interviewed each contestant to discover more about them and to see why they feel they deserve to represent Barbados on a worldwide stage.


Name: Beviny Payne

Age: 19

Describe yourself in three words:

Adventurous, artistic and warmhearted.

Adventurous because I’m always looking to step outside the box. I don’t like to conform to what others say about me or who they think I should be. I’m an adrenaline junkie. I’m a scuba diver and I love to push myself to the limit.

My mum is a performing artist, so the arts have always been a big part of my life. I can sing and dance and I’m self-taught in piano. I also like to draw.

I’m warmhearted because I’m always trying to help people. I’m an animal lover and I volunteer at the RSPCA. I have three beautiful dogs.

Do you have previous pageant experience?

Yes, this is my sixth pageant. I feel like every single show I’ve done so far has propelled me towards taking part in Miss Universe.

What are you enjoying the most about this experience?

I’ve enjoyed the training sessions with Gaynelle Marshall.

I like to think that I’m well prepared for public speaking but the sessions with Gaynelle allowed me to tweak some errors and gave me more confidence.

I’ve also been able to dig deeper into who I am and know for sure what I think about the world, and it’s shaped me into a stronger, young lady.

Who has been your biggest supporter?

I have a very supportive family. This is not their first rodeo, so they’re accustomed to rallying behind me for competitions, along with my friends. I think I’m quite blessed in that aspect.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from this MUB experience?

Don’t doubt yourself.

Growing up I was quite shy and quiet. I wouldn’t speak much, and I didn’t think I was beautiful, but through this experience I’ve realised that I am beautiful and confident.

If you won the MUB title, how would you use the platform to help others?

I would use my title and platform to raise awareness about the environment.

Right now, we’re not taking care of the planet. I believe Caribbean people need to be more aware of what is happening, how climate change will impact us, and really tackle this issue.

I’m part of a non-governmental organisation called YNCA (Youth Nature Conservation Association) and we really push the message to the public about correctly disposing of garbage and taking care of our coastlines.

So that would be my focus as well as animal rights.

How would you describe Barbados to someone that hasn’t been here?

Barbados is a melting pot of diversity, culture, food and rum.

We produce one of the best rums in the world. Our food is amazing; flying fish, Cou Cou, macaroni pie, baked chicken! The fish from Oistins is the best.

Our people are very warm, friendly and open.

I believe we have the best Carnival in the region – Crop Over. So, I would encourage people to come because you can’t experience it anywhere else.

What do you personally love about Barbados?

I love the beaches and the ocean. Bathsheba is my favourite beach, it’s the best.

I started swimming at the age of three, so I was always asking my mum and dad to take me to the sea.

I love to be immersed in nature especially marine life. Last year I went swimming with sharks and sting rays. I also love turtles.

What’s your motto / philosophy in life?

My motto is ‘Per Ardua Ad Astra’ which translates as “through difficulty to the stars”. It’s my past school’s motto (Alexandra Secondary School).

This motto has propelled me in life through all my experiences.

It makes me realise that no matter what you face in life, you can always strive and achieve more, as long as you don’t give up!

Visit the Miss Universe Barbados website or Facebook page for more information.