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Use These Seven Tips to Enhance Your Romance

by Carolyn Lee Feb 5, 2024

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Use These Seven Tips to Enhance Your Romance

Romance can make intimate relationships more exciting, adventurous, and meaningful. Over time, routines, distance, or stress can cause a breakdown in romance. If you’re feeling a bit distant from your partner, we have some suggestions to help you get back on track.

Why is romance important?

Romance involves small or grand gestures of affection, thoughtfulness, love, or adoration. You want to do things for and with your partner that make you feel more connected to each other. Romantic gestures, actions, and activities promote intimacy, love, acceptance, and togetherness. Without romance, relationships can become boring and lead to a loss of love, attention, and care.

Seven tips to boost romance in your relationship.

Active listening: Take time to listen to your partner talk about their day and their problems. You can stop what you’re doing, look at them, and engage them by asking relevant questions or making suggestions. Listening to your partner shows them that you love and value them.

Use your partner’s love language: If you know your partner’s love language (how they want to receive love), you can better show your love to them. Most of the time, how we want to feel love differs from our partner. When you understand their love language, you can take the time to do things that make them feel loved.

Call to check on them: Although it is convenient to send a text message, call to check on your partner. Develop a habit of calling to compliment them, share a funny story or something interesting that happened. Hearing their voices allows you to find out how they are doing and will enable you to connect further. Also, if your partner is having a rough day, a call will remind them that you love them and want to know they are okay.

Hide love notes: Slip a love note into their pocket or where they will eventually see it. You can also leave a romantic message on the pillow or the bedside table so they’ll see it when they wake up. Your love note will give your partner something to smile about and remind them that you still find them desirable.

Get candid: Take candid pictures or videos of your partner and use them to spark conversation and bring you closer. You can share your videos or photos during the workday, when you’re together, or randomly to get their reaction. Sneaking pictures of your lover lets them know you still find them attractive.

Treat your partner to something they love: Cooking a delicious meal, paying for a spa day, or booking a romantic getaway are a few things you can do to pamper your partner. You can give them little hints before the day to increase their anticipation. Then, surprise them and watch their face light up with joy.

Have fun together: Make plans together, focus on the positives, compromise, go on dates, and spice things up in the bedroom. Try to learn new things as a couple. Remember why you fell in love. People evolve individually and as a couple in relationships, so give each other grace.

Lastly, romance requires work – understanding, respect, empathy, thoughtfulness, and active love. If you’re looking for romantic gifts or businesses with products and services to boost your romance, use Find Yello. Our listings include flower shops, spas, hotels, and related services. 

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