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It’s Going to be a Royal Celebration Bonaire – King’s Birthday 2024!

by Lou-Ann Jordan Apr 1, 2024

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In April, we Bonaireans have a royal time!

How can we not? Along with the Netherlands and other Dutch Caribbean islands, we celebrate King’s Birthday annually, on 27 April.

Each year we eagerly anticipate the national holiday, which begins with an official government ceremony. Once the official part is concluded a host of fun-filled activities that are held in Kralendijk to commemorate King Willem-Alexander’s. 

This King Birthday is guaranteed to be the same, as families and friends venture out to join in on the celebrations. Some will look for breezy locales to engage in customary kite flying. Others will head to the street fairs for terrific bargains and delicious food.

As we look forward to celebrating this special day and enjoying the accompanying festivities, we want to share a few fun facts about the King’s Day. 

Join us in a fun game of ‘did you know‘.

Did you know that historically, the holiday was first called Prinsessedag (Princess’ Day), then Koninginnedag and finally Koningsdag, King’s Day?

Did you know that the holiday was previously celebrated on 30 April? In 2014, it was changed to 27 April to memorialise King Willem-Alexander’s birthday.

Did you know that on King Willem-Alexander’s birthday, everyone dresses in orange because the royal family bears the name House of Orange? It is also the national colour of the Netherlands.

Did you know that Oranjebitter or orange bitter is a liqueur drink first associated with the royal family in the 1600s? Today it is a King’s Day custom to toast the monarch with the orange, flavourful beverage.

There you have it. Several, fun and there we say, interesting facts about our anticipated King’s Day.

Felis Dia Di Rei, Bonaire!

Source: Netherlands