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Buy Local: Ways to Treat Yourself on Valentine’s Day

by Karen Rollins Feb 5, 2024

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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but what if you’re single?

Well, there’s no need to feel left out. Instead of buying gifts for a partner, why not buy something nice for yourself, and show yourself some much-needed love and affection?

Here are five suggestions for the ideal ‘buy local’ personal gift, because you’re worth it!

Book a holiday

Chase away the winter blues by booking a staycation or a visit to one of the neighbouring Caribbean islands. There are plenty of options available for single people including adventure trips and specialist tour groups which cater for people on their own and waive single supplements.

Eat at an expensive restaurant

Eating out isn’t just for two. Find one of the many fabulous restaurants on the island and treat yourself to three or even five courses without worrying about sharing a dessert or splitting the bill!

Get a massage

What better way to make you feel pampered and special than a long, relaxing massage? Book a session and let an expert take away any tension in your neck, shoulders and back with essential oils and magic fingers!

Buy some chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate but because it’s Valentine’s, instead of getting the usual Bounty or Hershey’s Kisses, find a confectionary that is decadent and different and with at least 70% cacao. There are also a several local chocolate makers on the island such as Cacao St Lucie which is owned and operated by St Lucian entrepreneur Maria Jackson.

Grab a drink

Why not pour yourself a glass of ‘adult juice’, sit on the sofa, and binge watch your favourite series on Netflix. Local drinks producer Trois Femmes Gin, handcrafts gin from local botanicals such as hibiscus and lemongrass, for a beverage that is fruity and refreshing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!