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Let’s Explore the Cayman Islands: Things to See and Where to Eat in West Bay

by Chantel DaCosta Jul 17, 2023

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A beach along the West Bay, Grand Cayman
West Bay, Grand Cayman. Image source: Shutterstock

The West Bay in Grand Cayman is a residential district with stunning vistas dotted with charming traditional Caymanian houses. It also has some fantastic attractions where you can enjoy birdwatching, unique geological environments and learn about the conservation efforts to protect the local turtle population.

Let’s explore West Bay! We’ve researched three top attractions in the district and top restaurants where you can have a delicious meal during your visit.

Top Three Attractions in West Bay

Barker’s National Park

Barker's National Park
Barker’s National Park. Image source: Shutterstock

Barker’s National Park is a designated protected area in the West Bay district that features diverse ecosystems and is perfect for birdwatching enthusiasts. You can spot several waterfowls, herons and shorebirds in the area.

The Park is also a fantastic spot for a day trip to picnic or even a weekend camping trip. Other activities you can do at the park, include kayaking, a leisurely stroll through nature trails and cycling.

Hell Geological Site

Hell Geological Site, West Bay, Grand Cayman
Hell Geological Site, West Bay. Image source: Shutterstock

The Hell Geological Site is a unique natural wonder that you can experience during a trip to West Bay. The area features rugged blackened limestone. The rocks are estimated to be 10 to 15 million years old. The area is always accessible, but the gift shop and restrooms are only open daily from 8am to 4pm. The Cayman Islands National Attractions Authority manages the Hell Geological Site.

A trip to Hell means you get the bragging rights of having survived going to Hell and back. So, make the trip with your family and friends. It will also be a fun TikTok or IG reel.

Cayman Turtle Centre

The Lagoon at the Cayman Turtle Centre, West Bay Grand Cayman
The Lagoon at the Cayman Turtle Centre. Image source: Shutterstock

The Cayman Turtle Centre is a conservation facility and tourist attraction. Visitors can enjoy guided tours and even swim with the turtles in a freshwater lagoon bursting with marine life. You can book your tour online on the Cayman Turtle Centre’s website, and call the Centre at 345-949-3894.

They also offer an annual summer camp for youngsters focusing on conservation and wildlife.

Places To Eat in West Bay

Calypso Grill

Calypso Grill in Morgan’s Harbour offers indoor and outdoor dining options, but we bet you will want to get a view of the waterfront at this charming eatery. You can have lunch or dinner and enjoy tasty local seafood dishes.

Macabuca Tikki Bar

Head to Macabuca Tikki Bar for a lively atmosphere, friendly service and delicious food. Situated at the oceanfront, you can take in uninterrupted views of the Caribbean Sea and experience amazing sunsets. The extensive menu options include salads, burgers, sandwiches, wraps and an impressive selection of conch dishes, including conch fritters, cracked conch and conch ceviche.

Alfresco Restaurant

When you want authentic Caymanian cuisine, look no further than Alfresco Restaurant. Popular menu items beloved by locals include turtle stew, conch, oxtail, and curry goat. You can savour lunch or dinner on the deck with stunning ocean views.


We’ve already explored Bodden Town, East End, the North Side and George Town – next up, we’ll venture to Cayman Brac.

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