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Welcome to Pure Grenada: It’s the Oyster World Rally

by Lou-Ann Jordan Mar 6, 2023

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Findyello article on Osyter World Rally with image of sailing yacht on a sunny day.

The Caribbean waterways have been teaming with vessels over the past few weeks as there have been several regattas and sailing events.

In the BVI, there will be back-to-back events: the High Point YachtFest and the BVI Spring Regatta and Festival 2023. While here in Grenada, we kicked off the year with our annual Grenada Sailing Week in January. However, it does not end there as a trip to the beach, and you’re likely to see more vessels on the water. If you’re wondering what’s going on, well, it’s the Oyster World Rally.

The Oyster World Rally is a non-competitive sailing event that takes sailors around the world. The fleet pulls into port at various locations along the way. In its third instalment, the exclusive voyage is organised by the 50-year-old British luxury yacht brand. The rally also features yachts built by the brand. 

The cannon sounded, and the 30 yachts took to the seas from Antigua in 2022 and have navigated around the world, making 25 stops over 16 months. Now, on their way back to Antigua, Grenada is among some of the spectacular world destinations the convoy has visited.

As one of the last stops on the course, the sailors lighted upon our shores on 23 February and will be docked until 11 March. Over time, they’ve been basking in our warmth and enjoying our amazing landscape, historic sites, delicious cuisine and of course, beautiful beaches.

As you go about, you’re likely to run into our visitors. Some of the famous spots they’re likely to visit are River Antoine Distillery, the chocolate and nutmeg factories, the Underwater Sculpture Park and Grand Etang Lake.

Now, if you do run into them be sure to extend a customary, warm Pure Grenada welcome.

To learn more about the exciting travels of the Oyster World Rally fleet or to view their voyage in ‘real-time,” visit the Oyster Yachts website.